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    Restaurant Engiadina

    The Restaurant Engiadina is situated in our partner hotel, the Hotel Engiadina, only a few meters from our house.

    The aim of head Chef Mr. Gerhard Enn and his team is to present the guests of the Restaurant Engiadina with the local cuisine of the Upper Engadine through his original, slightly Mediterranean reinterpretations thereof. He pays particular attention on the freshness of the ingredients, so that the unadulterated taste of the dish can come into its own.

    Our Sommelier will be delighted to suggest a suitable wine from our extensive wine list which should cater for every taste, to round off your meal. The interior of the Restaurant Engiadina is kept in harmony with the philosophy of its cuisine; stylish but not pretentious.

    The quality of the food speaks for itself.

    Cooking is love, passion and art. Passion without patience can never be love. Relax, take your time and enjoy our delights.

    Our Restaurant Engiadina will remain closed during the Summer Season 2019.

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